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Montag, 04. Februar 2013

Is Being a CNA a Gold Mine for Career Makers?
Von aboutcnaeducation, 20:12

Some people think that working in the sphere of healthcare can bring them a bigger income than they currently have. That is why they choose to complete a special training course and become a medical assistant. As soon as the healthcare sphere does not accept people without a special medical education, such training courses can provide people only with posts of junior healthcare workers like nursing assistants or others. Duties of such workers are usually not very complicated: they take up the personal hygiene of patients, feed them and help them move around if it is possible and necessary. Bedridden patients are also looked after by such assistants: due to their condition, they have to be moved every two hours to prevent bed sores. These duties are quite hard and need a lot of durability and patience. It is also necessary to say that even long years of working as a nursing assistant will hardly promote a person to a nurse’s post. It requires special additional training and a lot of extra skills. The job of a nursing assistant is not a gold mine, either. Only in rare cases it surpasses the income of a person who wants to apply for a CNA certification program. At the same time, becoming a CNA can be a good step towards a medical future for a person. That is, being a nursing assistant one can complete a training course for a nurse or even study at a medical college. It can be quite tiring but it is a practical knowledge.

Training First of All

Training courses for nursing assistants are available both online and offline. It is a good option for people who are ending up with their current jobs. Training courses last for about a couple of months, sometimes a little longer. Mainly, this length depends on the requirements the state has for such aides. Online classes are provided by many Internet resources like and others. They give generally the same type of knowledge and skills, so it does not matter much which of them a student will choose. The only thing to see to is their own license. Otherwise, the certificate they give is not valid and the time and money one spends on the training are just wasted. The price of such training courses is not very high; what’s more, there are free training programs. This does not mean that the program is charitable: there are only no cash payments. Instead, the person may be asked to commit some community work like working for a local Red Cross for free, etc.


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